Born Leader: Maya Moore Discusses Injustices of the Legal System in America

Courtesy of Star Tribune

“I understand the need to win, but how you win is just as important”

The theme throughout this entire interview, was ‘leader’.  Not only did Maya articulate this concept beautifully, but she did it in a way that was relatable for any athlete to understand.  Using common language in the basketball world, Maya addressed the prosecutorial attorneys in our country in the same sense. “I understand the need to win, but how you win is just as important,” Moore stated.


Flashback to her college years at the University of Connecticut, Maya recalled of how she and her teammates were coached, “We were trained to be leaders.”  There was no selfishness, only selflessness on and off the court.  Moore explained further on why she feels as though the prosecuting attorneys have a moral and social responsibility and obligation to the community.


“I think it’s not just about getting convictions”…”are we thinking about everyone we’re serving.”


Moore thoughtfully laid out the plan of success, which comes down to one main point.  Prosecuting Attorney’s were appointed for a reason.  They are key leaders who control how our justice system is executed, similar to a well drawn out play they control the pace of the ‘game’ and ultimately, they are influential in the win or loss of the game.


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